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Process consulting

We are tuning your dispensing process

In process consulting, we analyze the manufacturing requirements for the future dispensing systems. In compliance with the process requirements, such as dispense volumes and cycle times, we develop high-performance processes including the necessary peripheral processes such as surface pretreatment and curing for adhesives. The process is split into seven groups and the components are specified individually:

  1. Material preparation

  2. Dispense technology

  3. Discharge system

  4. Automation platform

  5. Dispense process

  6. Peripherics

  7. Workparts


We offer the following process consulting

Check & Optimize

This tailored offering provides you with the opportunity to enhance the efficiency of your production and identify weaknesses in your dispensing processes. Guided by an experienced specialist, you will take a tour in your production facility. We will analyze your dispensing processes and equipment, identify weak points directly on site and afterwards present you possibilities for optimization. Click here for more information.

Process tuning

Do you have issues with a dispensing application during production? Exceeding cycle times, foam or bubble within the components, quality fluctuations, sedimentation? We support you on site, we bring our test equipment and analyze the existing process. In our laboratory we simulate the process and present you the proposed solution – demonstrated by production samples that meet your requirements.

Process development dispense process

During process development, we take an overall view of the dispensing process: in addition to defining the dispensing devices, we determine suitable material storage and supply technology. We pay special attention to the rheological properties of the liquids, so that the entire process runs stable across the entire application range. This includes both the pressure drop calculations in the pipes and tubing as well as the sedimentation behavior of the dispensed medium. Taking into account the workpart, the dispense tip and the degree of automation are defined and the additional processes are specified. This includes processes like surface cleaning (e.g. using atmospheric pressure plasma) or the curing process for adhesives (e.g. dryers, UV curing, etc.).

Process development glueing process

We are happy to assist you in choosing the adhesive, which fits best to your process. In the past years, we did work with various adhesive suppliers and built up a vast network from which our customers also benefit every day. We actively support you in your search for new adhesives and carry out mechanical measurements, for example tensile shear tests on the workparts.

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