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All our dispense trials are carried out in our laboratory. Having access to various different dispensing technologies and production and measuring equipment allows us a very high flexibility.


Atmospheric pressure plasma

Surface activation and preparation by atmospheric pressure plasma “Advanced Machines”, power 750W


Analytical scales

Mettler Toledo MS105DU


High speed camera

Olympus i-Speed 3

Geschlossen Schild

UV-Area and spot lamps

  • Spot lamp OmniCure LX400

  • Area lamp Delolux 03E


  • Analytical scales Mettler Toledo MS105DU

  • Vision 3D Inspection mta


  • Diamond wire saw

  • Polishing device

Drying ovens and heaters

  • Drying oven WTB Binder FP115, temperature range 5 - 300°C

  • Leister heating devices (various)

Dispense robots

  • Cartesian tabletop dispensing robot (2x) TR300, work area XYZ 300x300x100 mm, including needle recentering and cleaning device

  • Cartesian robot cell (1x) FRC500, work area XYZ 500x500x200 mm, including needle re-centering and cleaning device

Mixing, homogenizing and vacuum devices

  • Various vacuum pumps

  • Desiccator

  • Stuart SRT6D roller homogenizer

  • THINKY ARV-310 vacuum planetary mixer

  • RDG / DRG-01 degassing systems

Viscometry and surface metrology

  • Test inks for surface energy definition

  • Viscosity standards

  • Viscosity flow cups

Material pressure pots and cartridges

  • Cartridge systems 3 - 5 - 10 - 30 - 55 ccm

  • Cartridge systems 2.5 - 6 - 12 - 20 - 32 fl oz

  • Mechanical extrusion systems for cartridges

  • Material pressure tanks in various sizes from 1 liter

Dispensing technologies

We have several of the following dispense devices at our disposal in our laboratory

  • Piston dosing devices

  • Jet dispensers

  • Mohno dispensers

  • motorized cartridge dispensers

  • Archimedean screws

  • static and dynamic two-component inline mixing devices

  • peristaltic pumps

  • needle valves

  • pressure / time dispensers

  • pinch-valve dispenser

  • others

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