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Expansion of our dispense squad: additional manpower hired for marketing, communication, sales and our technical department


Ongoing growth on laboratory equipment for dosing technology


First expansion of manpower for carrying out laboratory tests


Moving into new production facilities, setup of the laboratory in CH-Gals


Expansion of business activities: carrying out dispensing tests and feasibility studies; establishment of the network with universities and adhesive suppliers



Foundation of swiss dispensing ltd; its main activity is the consulting for dispensing processes

Our team

"Hands on" applies in our laboratory; everyone in our team dispenses, screws, manufactures and cleans - this is how we manage to distribute the know how among our employees and how we ensure a high degree of flexibility and independence.


Laboratory manager

Engineer HES in microtechnology, specialized in surface technology, Master of Biomedical Engineering specialized in skeletal system.

Since 2014 active in dosing technology as a project manager in the automation industry.


Company address: swiss dispensing ltd, Bärletweg 4, 2555 Brügg, Switzerland
Laboratory address: swiss dispensing ltd, Bernstrasse 5, 3238 Gals, Switzerland


Studies in precision mechanic, mechanical engineer HTL, CAS business administration, additional trainings in various dosing technology seminars.

Activities in dispensing technology since 1993: technical development and sales of dispensing equipment, manufacturing of processing systems and patenting of dispense technologies. Support for key account customers worldwide in dispensing technology. Founder of swiss dispensing ag.

Laboratory technician



In our team since 2017. Within a short time he got used to the jet dosage and is now our expert on this topic.

Marketing manager

Business Economist HF, company mentor, professional trainer

Activities in dispensing technology since 2020 – as fresh as her ideas!

swiss dispensing ag

Company address: swiss dispensing ag, Bärletweg 4, 2555 Brügg, Switzerland
Laboratory address: swiss dispensing ag, Bernstrasse 5, 3238 Gals, Switzerland I +41 32 372 10 80

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