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Production support

We do also support you with challenges in your ongoing production

We are keen to offer you our services in the production area - for example, we glue, fill, cast, measure and cure your components in our laboratory under interesting conditions. We manufacture over 100,000 parts for our customers every year.

Alternatively, you have the option of running the process for a limited period in your company under your production conditions.


We offer the following production support

Contract manufacturing

As an extended workbench, we produce your workparts in our laboratory. The means of production are available in our laboratory. Several robot systems, various dispensing technologies and peripheral devices for surface treatment and measurement as well as the curing of adhesives allow us to set up an interesting production line within a few days.

Rental equipment

Alternatively to contract manufacturing, we make our devices available to our customers for short-term use. We set up the dispensing process in our laboratory, train the operators and the process is put into operation at the customer’ location. Using the device in your own production facilities answers open questions and uncertainties and makes the subsequent investment decision easier.

Homogenisation, degassing and conditioning

Our numerous years of experience with dispensing processes allow us to homogenize even smaller quantities of glue, grease and other viscous materials successfully and to fill even small quantities into production containers without bubbles. We can even very highly viscous substances degas  this way, which has motivated us to offer this process as contract filling. You send us the original containers and receive your viscous materials homogenized, degassed and conditioned in your desired production containers.

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