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Feasibility studies

If you can measure it, you can control it.

Feasibility studies we usually carry out in our laboratory. During the process development we define the basic design of the production process. After that we set up an identical test system in our laboratory, so that the process can be measured and controlled. For this purpose, we carry out measurements on the dispensing device and on the workparts. We evaluate these measurements statistically in order to obtain proof of the process capability. We use optical tools such as high-speed cameras to evaluate the process. Is it impossible to send us your medium due to shipping restrictions? No problem, we offer our services internationally and do the tests at your location.


We offer the following feasibility studies

Feasibility study on the dispenser – machine capability tests

A machine capability test is carried out for the feasibility check on the dispensing device. For this purpose, the dispensed volumes are wiped off directly at the tip of the dispensing device and weighed on an analytical scale. The values achieved by this method are statistically processed and are indicating the level of process confidence, which can be achieved with the dispenser. The achieved capabilities ​​cm and cmk for the machine controllability or machine capability allow a statement about the later performance of the dispensing system.  

If the dispensed volumes are too small to be measured with analytical scales, optical measuring devices are applied to determine the volume. The procedure with the capability indices remains the same.

The target of those tests is to be in a position to compare and reproduce those values at a later stage on the production equipment.

Feasibility study on the workpart – machine capability tests

The feasibility study on the workpiece is structured in a similar way to that on the dispensing device, but in addition all other influencing variables such as the position of the workpiece, its tolerances and the transfer of the liquid to the workpiece are taken into account. As well as on the prior tests, the measurements are usually carried out with analytical scales; alternatively, optical measurement methods are also possible. In general, the capability index values ​​measured on the workpiece are lower than the values ​​measured on the dispenser.

Feasibility study on the process

For small parts and short cycle times it is often inevitable to record the liquid transfer from the dispenser to the workpart by the help of a high speed camera. This gives us the opportunity  to overview the process at an enlarged view and in slow motion and allows us to understand the exact process during the drop transfer.

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